Healthy Fruit Smoothies

~Cold + Delicious Frozen Fruit Smoothies!

So, here are the guidelines:

1. Generally fruit is the main part of frozen fruit smoothies, but there are protein smoothies as well. You can buy fresh fruit, frozen fruit or even freeze your own fresh fruit!

2. The Second part of a smoothie is ice, ice cream, yogurt or frozen yogurt.

After that, people make a smoothie into whatever they WANT it to be!!!

We add flax to our smoothies and wouldn't ever make a smoothie without Cold Milled™ Flax Seed because it makes the most delicious and filling healthy fruit smoothies! It is great to be able to stretch the food budget and make expensive fruit last longer! You can also add protein powder to a smoothie!

Flax is full of protein, so if you are a vegetarian, vegan or just wanting to add more protein to your diet, add flax to your protein smoothies! The possibilities are endless!

Here are Tips to make the texture of your frozen fruit smoothies just how you want!1. If you want a very rich and creamy smoothie, use ice cream or frozen yogurt.

2. If you want more of an icy, juicy smoothie, use frozen fruit and ice cubes.

There are some fruits that are commonly used in healthy fruit smoothies:

1. Bananas are an excellent source of vitamins + nutrients including potassium and they add delicious flavor to the smoothies while also stretching the smoothie budget!

2. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and black berries add wonderful color and fun seeds as well as yummy flavor to smoothies!

3. Oranges, limes and lemons give a lovely citrus zing to a smoothie!

And the Final and most Important Tip for making a Delicious Flax Smoothie: Add whatever you think will make it taste even more delicious!

The goal of making frozen fruit smoothies is to have fun, make a delicious drink and get healthier while cooling off on a nice summer day! :)

You want to be sure that your smoothie isn't too thick, otherwise, the blender's motor works too hard and can burn out. Read more to prevent your blender from burning out!

4. Pineapple, mango, and other unique fruits add fun tropical, summer twists to a smoothie!