How to Make Smoothies
~Step-by-Step Guide~ Homemade Fruit Smoothies!

Here is a Step-by-Step Tutorial on How To Make Smoothies

Preparation Steps:

1. Don't be overwhelmed and Allow yourself to have fun experimenting making smoothies!

2. Look in your fridge + freezer -What do you have that could make a yummy homemade fruit smoothie?

Here are a list of ideas:

Are there any other things you think we should add to this 'make smoothies' list?

3. Usually fruit is the main part when you make fruit smoothie, but there are protein smoothies as well. You can buy fresh fruit, frozen fruit or even freeze your own fresh fruit!

4. Decide what kind of texture you want:

5. Flax is a perfect addition to make smoothies Delicious!

Ground flax added to Smoothies is
-Great for athletes and protein shakes,
-Great for vegetarians or vegans to add extra protein to their diet, and
-Great for anyone due to the incredible nutrition flax seed adds as well as helping stretch the food and fruit budget!

Steps for How To Make Smoothies:

1. Start by putting the whole flax seed + grind these by themselves in the blender or in a coffee grinder
or use Cold Milled™ Flax Seed

2. Then add water or juice (any flavor) you have

3. Next it depends on what fruit you have and what kind of smoothie you want to make, but then you add in the fruit or frozen fruit

4. After the flax seeds are ground up, you can add in the liquid, fruit and ice base while blending between each addition

5. Be sure it has enough water and doesn't get too thick or the blender motor could burn out!

6. The most Important Tip for making a Delicious Flax Smoothie: Add whatever you think will make a smoothie taste even more delicious!

The goal of homemade fruit smoothies is to have fun, make a delicious drink and get healthier while cooling off on a nice summer day! :)

7. If you have extra, put it in a cup or ice cube tray and put the smoothie in the freezer to save it for a delicious treat later in the day or for the next day!

Need Smoothie Recipes for how to make fruit smoothies?? Coming Soon!! :)

If you are grocery shopping + planning ahead, then Here are some common fruit possibilities for homemade fruit smoothies:

1. Bananas are an excellent source of vitamins + nutrients including potassium and they add delicious flavor to the smoothies while also stretching the smoothie budget!

2. Various Berries such as: Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and black berries add wonderful color and fun seeds as well as yummy flavor to smoothies!

3. Oranges, limes and lemons give a lovely citrus zing to a smoothie!

4. Pineapple, mango, and other unique fruits add fun tropical, summer twists to a smoothie!

The Rest of the Grocery List is up to You! :) Some Ideas:

Flax -seeds or cold milled
ANY kind of fruit
Ice cubes
Frozen Yogurt
Ice Cream
fruit juice
protein powder

Don't forget the ice, frozen yogurt, or ice cream for Smoothie Making!

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