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Kid-Friendly Smoothie :) ~Introducing Flax Blaster on Sale! ~TIPS on Ways to eat Flax + other tips!
September 18, 2009

The Grain ~September 2009 Update

~Ellie's Corner~
It was SO FUN to see so many of you again + to meet new friends at the MN State Fair this year!! I am still catching up after those Fun + busy days! :) Are you ready for the leaves to change colors? This is one of my Favorite seasons! I hope you will have time to get out and enjoy the last warm days + changing colors! There are only a few weeks left of Farmers Markets, so if you get a chance, go before they are all over for 2009! I'm going to miss all the fresh fruit, veggies + other yummy foods.

We are always working to get more information on the website, but there is always less time than there are projects to get done! :) Is there something you don’t see and would like to see on the website? Let me know.
I appreciate ALL feedback! :) Thank you!

Thank you SO MUCH again for coming to visit us at the MN State Fair! CONGRATULATIONS to our 12 Winners of our prize drawing! We will plan to do a prize drawing again next year at the MN State Fair, and until then, I hope to see you at the Farmer's Markets! :)

~Want to know more about why I do what I do?
Click here for more about me!~

~Flax Blaster Plus® Introductory Price~

We know how important it is to save money while still finding the nutrition you and your family need, that is why we are introducing the Flax Blaster Plus® at a VERY Discounted price!!
$15 off for a Limited time!

Get Flax Blaster Plus® at $59.99!!

We are excited by the stories we are already hearing from people about the benefits from Flax Blaster Plus®!

Flax Blaster Plus® was developed by Debbie Miller, from the Miller Family Farm. Debbie’s brain, lungs and vital organs were affected. She had toxic encephalopathy of the brain, fluid on her lungs, swelling at every joint, inflammation along with fibromyalgia.

Debbie used the nutritional organic + natural foods of Flax Blaster Plus® to help her body heal and recover. Debbie went through a long process of healing, and has made an incredible recovery. She is now back to her full time role on the Miller Family Farm.

Debbie wanted to share with others the benefits of what had healed her body and so, she created Flax Blaster Plus® from the purest and highest quality ingredients of foods that heal the body.

Click to take advantage of the Great Deal on Flax Blaster!

~Come to a Farmer's Market or other Show...~

Farmers Markets

  • Maple Grove Farmers Market is in the Maple Grove Community Center Parking Lot (Weaver Lake Rd) every Thursday 3-7pm for your fresh vegetables from farmers AND for your Wonderful Flax :). Directions to Maple Grove Farmers Market (Opens up in new window).
  • Do you live in Downtown Minneapolis by the Guthrie? The Mill City Farmers Market is on Saturdays 8am-1pm.More info + directions ~Click here (opens up in new window)
  • Shoreview Farmers Market -Every Tuesdays 3-7pm in the Shoreview Community Center off of Highway 96.

  • Other Places You Can Find Me:
  • Warrens Cranberry Festival ~The largest cranberry festival in the world. September 25-26-27, 2009
    This year will be the festival's 37th year. Since the first festival in 1973, attendance has grown from 3,500 to over 110,000 each year.
    Click here for Directions + More Info (Opens new window)

flax recipes
~Kid Approved Fruit Smoothie!~

Fruit Smoothie for Kids
~YUMMY + with Brain Food! Smoothies Recipes For Kids!
~Click here for This Smoothie Recipe!~
This is a Delicious Fruit Smoothie Recipe Submitted by my Niece, Kate, and I am so excited to share it with you!

Kid-Approved FLAX smoothie

1 1/2 TBS Flakes o' Gold or Ground Premium Gold Flaxseed
1/3 cup yogurt
1 banana
4 strawberries
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla
2-3 TBS sucanat (or unrefined cane sugar)
You can add ice if you want it to be icy! Add about 4-5 ice cubes -more or less based on taste!

Makes enough for 2 kids.
Click here for the Best Flaxseed for Fruit Smoothie For Kids!
~Click here for This Smoothie Recipe!~

~Here's More Information~

At the MN State Fair, a frequent question was: How do you Eat Flax?
There are many ways you can eat flax...

It is about being creative and experimenting-- with how to eat flax seed and what YOU like!! While I prefer to eat my flax with barley like a cereal, my daughter prefers it in yogurt or juice.
We also like to bake with it! You may want to try a few different ways and see how you and your family likes it!

  • Mix ground flax into yogurt
  • Add ground flax seed to any cereal like oatmeal
  • Add ground flax to applesauce
  • We love adding ground flax seed to fruit smoothies
  • Add ground flax seed to soups
  • Sprinkle ground flax seed on a salad
  • Add ground flax seed to beans or chili after cooking
  • Add ground flax to Cottage Cheese
  • Mix ground flax seed with tuna, potato, egg, etc salads
  • Use ground flax seed for filler or as egg substitute in meatloaf and hamburgers
  • Add ground flax to make your Ice Cream "healthy"
Click here for more ideas of how to eat flax seed!
Are you looking for ways to substitute it in recipes?
Go to Substitution tips
Here are some ideas for how to eat Flax Seed:

Did you know that flax is just as beneficial for your pet? Click Here to learn more about Flaxseed essential Omega 3 for Pet Health!

Our Customer's FLAX Health Benefits
~in Their Own Words!!

I am 86 years old. I was considering knee replacement surgery and was having a lot of joint pain in my knees, ankles, and arms.

2 months ago I started using flaxseed and flax lignans along with going to a chiropractor and I am convinced flax has greatly diminished my pain + I no longer need to have knee replacement surgery. I have also had less throat phlegm and mucous.
Sincerely, Paul K.

This story and so many like this are why I am so passionate about health and especially flax! If we can give our body the nutrition it so desperately needs, our bodies have a good chance of being able to heal themselves!

We have put the information online so that you can
share these stories with others.
Here are a just a few of many stories of the benefits of Flax!
Click here to read more inspiring stories.

What we eat matters! Click here to Watch this Excellent 2 min reminder
~Start with small things~like adding flax! :)

***(If you do not see a video -page all the way down to the bottom of the page! Some internet browsers won't link to the specific link here)***

THANK YOU for reading this newsletter! I look forward to our journey together to learn more about Healthy Eating and Living. :)

I appreciate You. Have a Flax-A-LiciouS Day!! ~

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