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Wherever golden flaxseeds become a regular food item among the people, there will be better health. -Mahatma Gandhi

You likely know that Whole Grains are so important for Healthy Eating...

flax, flaxseed, golden flax seed, flax lignans, healthy eating, barley gold, whole grains...but how can we get more whole grain in our diet?

Perhaps you aren’t sure you are getting enough whole grains in your diet or perhaps you can’t afford to buy the most nutritious food

...and we all feel the constraints of the economy and budgets.

After I found how economical and nutritious the Super Foods of Flax, flax, flaxseed, golden flax seed, flax lignans, healthy eating, barley gold, whole grainsFlax Hull Lignans and Barley were, I began to go to Farmer's Markets to educate and provide others the opportunity to eat healthier!

This site is an extension of what I do...

My goal is to provide education and info on Healthy Eating and Living with a focus on the Super Food of Golden Flaxseed.

flax, flaxseed, golden flax seed, flax lignans, healthy eating, barley gold, whole grainsThere is a lot of info here...

it can be overwhelming.

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Wondering How to Eat Flax?

Want to learn more about Flax for Pets?

Why Golden Flaxseed?

flax, flaxseed, golden flax seed, flax lignans, healthy eating, barley gold, whole grainsIt is absolutely possible to add just one small thing to your diet that makes a HUGE difference: Golden Flaxseed.

It is a tiny seed that is the richest source of Omega-3 Fatty acids, lignans and also it is an excellent source of B Vitamins, protein and is Gluten Free.

There are many benefits of this small seed and as early as 650 BC, Hippocrates recommended it to his patients, and in the 8th century, King Charlemagne of France thought it was so important he passed laws requiring his subjects to eat it!

Why Flax Hull Lignans?

  • A Powerful Anti-Oxidant
  • Impressive Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Fungal properties
  • Help overcome symtpoms of Menopause, including Hot Flashes -can be a safe alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Read more of the benefits of Flax Hull Lignans...

flax, flaxseed, golden flax seed, flax lignans, healthy eating, barley gold, whole grainsWhy Ancient Barley Gold?

  • Naturally High in Antioxidants, Minerals, Vitamins
  • Helps the body heal and repair itself from damage caused by environmental and aging factors
  • 93-95% digestible allowing your body to utilize more nutrients.
  • is Not Gluten Free
  • Fights heart diesease, Cholesterol, Cirulatory problems, Weight problem, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Insomnia, Low Energy...
  • Read more benefits of Ancient Barley Gold...

flax, flaxseed, golden flax seed, flax lignans, healthy eating, barley gold, whole grainsJoin me on this journey to...

"Get back to the farm
and stay out of the pharmacy!"

...Because Your Health
is SO worth it!


Be Inspired! Watch this inspiring ~3 min Food Matters trailer....

Food DOES Matter!


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Site Maps ~Find what You Need on Ellie's Whole Grains
Site Maps ~Looking for EXCELLENT Info on Healthy Eating for Healthy Living?!! Here is THE site map for more of Ellie’s Whole Grains! We bring YOU the BEST!
What's the latest at GotFlax.com?
It is important to have WHOLE GRAINS that are NOT processed in our diet, but it is also essential to know where to find QUALITY Flax Seed + whole grains that are UNCOMPROMISING IN QUALITY!
Superfoods - LIGNAN -Heal You! Anti-Oxidant-Fight Cancer -Anti-Inflammatory
Superfoods include LIGNAN -ANTI-CANCEROUS benefits! Has STOPPED HOT FLASHES! ANTI-INFLAMMATION-including Arthritis. Reverse HAIRLOSS!
Nutritional Organic Natural Foods That Help Heal in Flax Blaster Plus Supplement
Nutritional Organic Natural Supplement Drink: Flax Blaster PLUS is perfect for Autism and GFCF diet -is Gluten-Free, Lactose Free+ Nut Free! Full of foods that help heal the body
Flax Health Benefits
Flax Health Benefits
Recipes with Flax -Our Reader's Favorite flax recipe!
Recipes with Flax are a wonderful way to add nutrition to your diet! Here is where you can share your Flax seed recipe with others!
Golden vs Brown Flax seed -How to test for quality Omega 3?
Golden vs Brown Flax Seed -CHOOSE the BEST FLAX: Premium Gold Flaxseed is GOURMET flax with HUGE differences + SIGNIFICANTLY MORE Omega 3 oil.
Flax Nutritional Information
FLAX is packed full of NUTRIENTS, Omega 3, Protein, Lignans, Fiber. Flax Nutritional Information is from the USDA Nutritional Content Analysis is provided here.
Why is Flaxseed better than Flax Oil or Fish Oil Capsules?
Flaxseed has many benefits over flax oil and fish oil. It takes ~9-15 flax oil capsules to equal 3 Tablespoons of flaxseed. Fish oil can be contaminated with mercury and other toxins.
News Healthy Flax + Healthy eating news ~Check it out!
News HEALTHY FLAX + HEALTHY EATING news here. Read EXCELLENT articles, research and other omega 3 news HERE! Research + INFO on Flax, Lignans + Barley.
Future of Food Documentary -Watch free- cons of genetically modified food
The Future of Food documentary ~This is SUCH an IMPORTANT movie, everyone should watch it to Learn about food we eat + Biotech GMO -genetically modified food in this future of food video
Contact us for your Flax seed Questions!
Contact Us with your Questions about Golden Flaxseed or Whole grains! We'd love to hear from you!
Health Films that we Highly Recommend! Your Health Depends on It!
Health movies, health films and documentaries are important so that we can understand more about our health +roadblocks. Health movies are very important for exposing Health facts +health info.
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"Even at the full price the Cold Milled Flax is still cheaper than Metamucil or other fiber supplements that run about $12 for only 15 ounces! That's a great deal!"

"Ellie, Thanks for your email. Just a short testament: Have been trying for years to get my cholesterol numbers to be on the healthy side. Got your flax at the farmers market this past summer and took your advice on consuming it. Had a blood test 2 weeks ago and my Cholesterol number is at 181, down from 262. Healthy eating and exercise: definitely the way to go. Thanks again."
-- Peter W.

"I have several health problems: Type 2 Diabetes + Constipation being my top complaints. When I was introduced to Golden Flax seed, I was drinking fiber daily + lived on Senna. I no longer have to buy Senna or fiber."

"My hot flashes were so bad and I had up to 3 or 4 times in the night. My sleep was interrupted, not to mention the embarrassment of breaking out in a sweat and a red face during conversations.... Oh boy, I have not had a hot flash for about 3 weeks."

"The best thing that happened is that it has really helped stabilize my blood sugar. When blood sugar is stable without a lot of peaks + valleys, it's easier to lose weight + I'm game for that."
-- Thanks, Sherrie

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