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Chocolate Crinkles Recipe, Valentines Discounts! Omega 3 for Depression, Sleep better with Flax!
February 13, 2010

The Grain ~ Winter 2010

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Flax Heart Healthy~Ellie's Corner~
Happy Valentineís Day!
Enjoy your weekend! Even if you arenít celebrating it the traditional way, you can still make the day one to love on your friends and family and remind them how much you love them. Donít get too busy to take time to tell your loved ones that you care!

Is it possible to hibernate for an entire month? It seems that when it comes to updates, I have done just that and missed the month of January! :) This snowy winter is absolutely lovely; and yet, the freezing cold days make me happy that Valentines Day is almost here, because it means Spring is right around the corner!

What goals do you have this year towards healthy eating and healthy living? Donít stop working toward them! Each day is a new day and a great time to start over towards your goals! Many of us are so busy that we donít take time to eat healthy and exercise. If we donít make time to eat healthy and exercise, our time will inevitably be taken from us later on when our bodies are tired, weak, and lacking nutrition. Choose to make time this month to add exercise to your days and to eat healthy Ėadding flax every day is an easy way to start! Save $ on flax for your health!

I really appreciate each of you and your support and encouragement! I am so happy to be working together as we all strive to eat healthier so that our lives will be fuller! Give your Valentine the gift of health!
Blessings on you and Happy Heart Day to each of you!


~Winter Savings!~

Be Kind to your budget while maintaining your Healthy Eating Goals!
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Eat Healthy, Live Healthy, Save Money
and feel better!

Don't forget your pet! :) Flax is a perfect way to add Omega 3 back into their diet! Click Here to learn more about Flaxseed essential Omega 3 for Pet Health!

If you have any questions about online ordering just email or call me! :)

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