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Healthy eating food includes Omega 3 Golden Flax seed - a tiny seed with so MANY benefits for you!
July 17, 2009

The Grain ~July 2009 Update

~Ellie's Corner~
Happy Summer Days!
I hope you are getting some time out of your busy days to enjoy some sunshine and relaxing time! I am loving the wonderful summer weather and watching my garden grow, and I am also enjoying the Farmers Markets and other shows happening right now!

I hope you have been able to get to them and support your local farmerís and to get wonderful, fresh fruits and vegetables! It is easy to get the daily needed fresh fruits and vegetables when there are so many wonderful selections available from the Farmerís Markets! :)
I am continuing to build and improve the website and this newsletter! My goal is to provide you with essential and important healthy eating tips! What do YOU want to see more of? Do you have a question? Ask it and I will answer it in the next newsletter! I hope to see YOU at the Farmer's Markets! :)

~Click Here if you want to read more on my 'About Me' Page~

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~Come to a Farmer's Market or other Show...~

Farmers Markets

  • Maple Grove Farmers Market is in the Maple Grove Community Center Parking Lot (Weaver Lake Rd) every Thursday 3-7pm for your fresh vegetables from farmers AND for your Wonderful Flax :). Directions to Maple Grove Farmers Market (Opens up in new window).
  • Do you live in Downtown Minneapolis by the Guthrie? The Mill City Farmers Market is on Saturdays 8am-1pm. ***This year I am not there every week, but I WILL be there the 2nd Saturday of each month (and more if they allow me to!) :)
  • Shoreview Farmers Market -Every Tuesdays 3-7pm in the Shoreview Community Center off of Highway 96.
  • Blaine Farmers Markets are on Wednesdays 3-7pm in the Parking lot of Noble Landscaping (near the Blaine National Sports Center). Starts June 24 runs til Sept 30.
  • Other places you can find me are:
  • Hopkin's Farmer's Market August 1, 8, 15 0730-1200 (noon)
    Downtown Hopkins- Off of Excelsior and 9th.
  • Hastings Rivertown Days July 18-19

~Delicious Smoothie Recipe~

Simple Smoothie Recipe:

~Click here for this Smoothie Recipe~

Start by putting 1-2 Tablespoons whole flax seed (grind these first in the blender by themselves or in a coffee grinder)
or use 1-2 Tablespoons Cold Milled Flax Seed Then add 1 cup water or juice (any flavor) you have
1-2 bananas
1 Cup strawberries (or whatever you have)
1 lime, lemon or orange squeezed and added to taste
1-2 cups your favorite frozen yogurt, ice cream or yogurt (optional Ėwill make a more creamy smoothie)
6-12 ice cubes depending on how thick it is and how icy you want it to be!

(Be sure it has enough water and doesnít get too thick!)
If you have extra, put it in a cup or ice cube tray and put the smoothie in the freezer for a delicious treat later in the day or for the next day!

Serving size: 2
~Click here for More About Smoothies!~
Click here for the best Flax for Yummy Smoothies!

~Here's More Information~

In order to help decrease or eliminate hot flashes many women have successfully used Lignans and Flax! Here is one customer's letter:

My Story re: Breast Cancer, Flax and Flax Hull Lignans

My name is Mary E. I was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer in April 2005. I have had 3 surgeries, 6 mos of Chemotherapy + 3 mos of daily Radiation Therapy. My Oncologist assures me that I'm now cancer free, although I must take Tamoxifen every day. The Tamoxifen has caused me to have multiple hot flashes each hr of each day. I think I was experiencing up to 100 hot flashes/day before I found Flax Lignans...
Flax Hull Lignans have been found to reduce hot flashes and the combination of taking Flax and Flax Hull Lignans has reduced the occurrence and reoccurrence of Breast Cancer.

My hot flashes have completely disappeared.

I am not suffering from any hot flashes now.... Although there is an expense to taking both of these nutritional supplements, that expense is nothing in comparison to the expense of monthly co-pays for Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments in the hundreds of dollars....
I feel so good about giving my body something good every day. I will continue taking Flax and Flax Hull Lignans for the rest of my life, and thanks to the elimination of hot flashes, my quality of life has improved dramatically....~Mary E.
~Click here for more of this testimonial- relief from hot flashes~...

Did you know that flax is just as beneficial for your pet? Click Here to learn more about Flaxseed essential Omega 3 for Pet Health!
Mucilage is a kind of Soluble Fiber that is important for protecting and healing the colon. Click here to find out more about how mucilage fiber soothes, protects + heals the intestines.
Need NEW Ideas of HOW to EAT FLAX? Click Here for some Great Tips + Ideas of how to eat flax

THANK YOU for reading this newsletter! I look forward to our journey together to learn more about Healthy Eating and Living. :)

I appreciate You. Cheers to Healthy Eating! ~

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