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Wonderful Flax + Lignans!!!

I discovered this wonderful product at the farm machinery show in Louisville, Ky last weekend, and boy am I glad I found it!! I have never had so much natural energy. I'm the type of person that caffeine affects me the opposite way, I get very tired if I consume too much. I am a fitness junkie and this has helped really jump start my workouts. I can go longer and I workout much harder as well.

Also, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago (she is cancer free now!) and it feels good to know that the flax seed lignans will help prevent this type of cancer. Her cancer was caused by her HRT that her doctor placed her on years back. It was a estrogen induced cancer. Cancer and heart problems run in both sides of my family, this is another reason why Flax got my attention.

So thanks Ellie for being at the farm show, I will keep in touch, I will be ordering again soon.

Lyndsey G.
27 years old

My Story re: Breast Cancer, Flax and Flax Hull Lignans

My name is Mary E.
I was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer in April, 2005. I have had 3 surgeries, 6 months of Chemotherapy and 3 months of daily Radiation Therapy. My Oncologist assures me that I am now cancer free, although I must take Tamoxifen every day.
The Tamoxifen has caused me to have multiple hot flashes each hour of each day. I think I was experiencing up to one hundred hot flashes a day before I found Flax Hull Lignans. This was uncomfortable to say the least, caused facial and body sweats, and was embarrassing as I am a Consultant and am required to make many presentations a week in front of managers and other large audiences.

I came across Eleanor Theobald at a Craft Show during Jessie James Days in Northfield, MN in September of this year (2006). Eleanor taught me that Flax Hull Lignans have been found to reduce hot flashes and the combination of taking Flax and Flax Hull Lignans has reduced the occurrence and reoccurrence of Breast Cancer. I began taking Flax and Flax Hull Lignans immediately after that Craft Show. My hot flashes have completely disappeared. I am not suffering from any hot flashes now. I no longer have to worry about embarrassing myself in front of audiences or in important meetings.

I am excited about Flax and Flax Hull Lignans reducing the occurrence and reoccurrence of Breast Cancer. I never want to go through Chemotherapy again. Although there is an expense to taking both of these nutritional supplements, that expense is nothing in comparison to the expense of monthly co-pays for Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments in the hundreds of dollars. I recently read in a magazine I found in my doctor’s office the beneficial effects of the antioxidants present in Flax. I feel so good about giving my body something good every day. I will continue taking Flax and Flax Hull Lignans for the rest of my life, and thanks to the elimination of hot flashes, my quality of life has improved dramatically.

Eleanor explained to me that there is only one place in the United States to purchase Flax Hull Lignans from North Dakota. I will be grateful to Eleanor for the rest of my wonderful life!!!

Blood Sugar
Stabilized +
Relief from
Hot Flashes


Here are the results I have had in only a few months.I am 52 years old and have several health problems. Type 2 diabetes and Menopause and constipation being my top three complaints. When I was introduced to Golden Flax, I was drinking fiber every day and still had to live on Senna. I no longer have to buy Senna or fiber.

The other thing that was so huge for me is, when I started the Lignans, my hot flashes were so bad 3 or 4 times in the night. My sleep was interrupted, not to mention the embarrassment of breaking out in a sweat. My face would turn beet red in the middle of a conversation with maybe a stranger and you’re wondering what that person is thinking.Oh boy, I have not had a hot flash for about 3 weeks. I have been sleeping all night and no longer worry about the embarrassment of those HOT FLASHES!

The best thing that happened is that it has really helped stabilize my blood sugar. When blood sugar is stable without a lot of peaks and valleys, it is easier to lose weight and I’m game for that.

Some other things I have noticed are that my skin is softer on my hands, I usually have cracks that bleed on my hands, boy that is rough, when you need lemon juice for a recipe.

Thanks, Sherrie L.

Normal Cholesterol + Improved Eczema!

I Purchased a 96oz. container of flax seed after meeting Ellie's Daughter at the Maple Grove Farmers Market last year. She described all the benefits that she had experienced from taking it and I thought "why not give it a try". The main reason I think I bought it was she had mentioned it could curb your appetite, who wouldn't want that! Little did I know there were other health issues I had that the flax seeds were going to help me overcome.

I've had high cholesterol levels for over 3 years. I was taking the flax seeds daily for about 8 months when I had my annual doctor appointment. My doctor informed me that if my cholesterol levels were as high as they had been for the past three years she would strongly recommend as she had at previous visits that I start taking a prescription to lower it.

My LDL (Bad Cholesterol) had been at 181 (high, bordering on very high) and my total cholesterol level had been at 243 (High Risk) for the past 3 years. When the results came back my Cholesterol levels had dropped down to normal! 128 LDL and 205 Total!

I hadn't changed any of my eating habits or done anything to cause the changes they were reporting. After thinking about it on the way home I realized the only difference was I had been taking the flax seeds every morning with some juice and that is what lowered my cholesterol!

In addition to lowering my cholesterol the flax seed has also significantly improved my eczema. Since my son was born 11 years ago I have had problems with eczema. It was so bad that I would itch until I bled. It would travel across my body, showing up on my legs, arms and stomach in large patches. Since I started taking the flax seeds, my eczema has cleared up to the point where I only see an occasional small bump on my arm or leg that itches slightly but goes away quickly.

I would recommend taking flax seeds to everyone...you may be surprised by benefits you will receive!

~Michelle J.

Relief from Period Migraines for past 20 yrs!

I have suffered from period migraines for the past 20 years. I have tried everything from holistic products to over the counter migraine products.

Nothing seemed to help.

I got my doctor involved after trying everything and all that seemed to help was prescription migraine medication. One of the side effects from these prescription medication was nautiousness, which is definitely not fun, but with out prescription medications, my life comes to a stand still. I have to take time off from work and whatever social plans I have made for those couple of days, have to be put on hold if my medication doesn't work (not to mention the expense of these medications that are definitely not cheap.)

My boyfriend and I were at the Farmers Market a week ago, and we were lucky and fortunate to have met Ellie. I explained my situation with my migraines and she suggested trying the Flax Hull Lignans. It just so happened that I had migraine symptoms when I met Ellie. I figured that now was the best time to try the Flax Hull Lignans that I purchased.

I can honestly say that I am a true believer of Ellie's advice. Flax Hull Lignans totally saved me from a week of suffering.

We were at the Mill City Museum Farmers Market this morning and even though I am not out of this miracle product, I decided to purchase a back up that I can take to work, and my upcoming vacation.

Rhonda D.


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"Even at the full price the Cold Milled Flax is still cheaper than Metamucil or other fiber supplements that run about $12 for only 15 ounces! That's a great deal!"

"Ellie, Thanks for your email. Just a short testament: Have been trying for years to get my cholesterol numbers to be on the healthy side. Got your flax at the farmers market this past summer and took your advice on consuming it. Had a blood test 2 weeks ago and my Cholesterol number is at 181, down from 262. Healthy eating and exercise: definitely the way to go. Thanks again."
-- Peter W.

"I have several health problems: Type 2 Diabetes + Constipation being my top complaints. When I was introduced to Golden Flax seed, I was drinking fiber daily + lived on Senna. I no longer have to buy Senna or fiber."

"My hot flashes were so bad and I had up to 3 or 4 times in the night. My sleep was interrupted, not to mention the embarrassment of breaking out in a sweat and a red face during conversations.... Oh boy, I have not had a hot flash for about 3 weeks."

"The best thing that happened is that it has really helped stabilize my blood sugar. When blood sugar is stable without a lot of peaks + valleys, it's easier to lose weight + I'm game for that."
-- Thanks, Sherrie

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