Superfoods ~ Lignan
The hull of a flax seed with incredible health benefits for You!

Have you heard of the Superfoods - Lignans?

There has been a lot of recent research on the immense health benefits of the Superfoods of flax-hull-lignans~ some of these include:
  • decreasing or elimination of hot flashes
  • prevention of breast, prostate and colon cancers
  • prevention/delaying of diabetes
  • prevention of heart disease
  • decreasing inflammation helping those with arthritis, lupus, etc...
  • more benefits.

Flax Hull~Lignans~ Excellent health benefits!
  • A powerful Anti-oxidant -boosts immune system
  • Potent Anti-inflammatory properties: lignans assist in prevention + fighting of
    • prostate cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis, inflammation, + lupus
  • Helps overcome symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes + can be a safe alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • May reduce development of Type II Diabetes and complications of Type I Diabetes
  • Assists in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and a healthy heart
  • Defend against inflammation + muscle damage in athletes + those with jobs that include heavy lifting
  • Many have seen improvement from hair loss after taking lignans
  • Promote normal hormonal balance and ovulation by reducing effects of estrogen overload
  • Beneficial for healthy brain function
  • Properties to help prevent + fight Cancer, including colon + bowel cancer, breast + prostate cancer
  • Protects against calcium loss and assists in building bone mineral density
  • Excellent ability to help reduce abdominal pain, diarrhea + inflammation for those suffering from Chrons, Celiac, and Diverticulitis
  • Benefits the digestive system, adding bulk and promoting regularity

With SO MANY BENEFITS of SUCH a small seed hull, it is clear to see why ~LIGNANS~ are a POWERFUL SUPERFOOD!

The Science behind -Lignans- (abbreviated LGN for this section):
They are a group of phytonutrients, which means plant nutrients, and they are found in veggies, grains, and seeds.
Flaxseed is the richest source of phytonutrients containing 800micrograms of LGN per gram versus other sources like soy, millet, and rye with 2-6mcg/g.

Flaxseed LGN was discovered in 1956 and scientific research interest came in the 1980s when a connection was shown between a low level of LGN in a person who had breast cancer.

Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) is a powerful antioxidant belonging to a class of phytonutrients called ~lignans~. Flax seed is the richest source of SDG.

Flax hulls are the outside of a flax seed, so when you eat ground flax seed, you will get some ~lignans~. If you are battling any significant health problems (esp those listed above), we recommend complementing your diet with additional concentrated-lignans along with the Golden flaxseed.

  • Why?

  • Because the body is trying to heal itself, and by giving it a super food antioxidant as powerful as lignans-, the body can do more for us! I have had many of my customers tell me impressive stories about how their bodies have been able to heal just by eating right and adding ~lignans~!!

    We MUST put Superfoods into our body if we hope to live a healthy life!
    A PERFECT way to start is to add a small scoop of Lignans-
    to yogurt or cereal every day! You can eat ~Lignans~Superfoods, the same you eat Flax and even along with it like my family does!
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    "Even at the full price the Cold Milled Flax is still cheaper than Metamucil or other fiber supplements that run about $12 for only 15 ounces! That's a great deal!"

    "Ellie, Thanks for your email. Just a short testament: Have been trying for years to get my cholesterol numbers to be on the healthy side. Got your flax at the farmers market this past summer and took your advice on consuming it. Had a blood test 2 weeks ago and my Cholesterol number is at 181, down from 262. Healthy eating and exercise: definitely the way to go. Thanks again."
    -- Peter W.

    "I have several health problems: Type 2 Diabetes + Constipation being my top complaints. When I was introduced to Golden Flax seed, I was drinking fiber daily + lived on Senna. I no longer have to buy Senna or fiber."

    "My hot flashes were so bad and I had up to 3 or 4 times in the night. My sleep was interrupted, not to mention the embarrassment of breaking out in a sweat and a red face during conversations.... Oh boy, I have not had a hot flash for about 3 weeks."

    "The best thing that happened is that it has really helped stabilize my blood sugar. When blood sugar is stable without a lot of peaks + valleys, it's easier to lose weight + I'm game for that."
    -- Thanks, Sherrie

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