Ground Flax Cold Milled
-What's the big deal?

Ground Flax Cold Milled flax cold milledcan mean the difference in eating rancid, spoiling flax versus flax that has nutrients! COLD MILLED FLAX will not taste or smell bad!

What is Cold Milled Flax?

  • True Cold Milling is a special and ONE-OF-A-KIND method invented by the farmer.

  • Flax Cold Milled is never exposed to any heat. Whole flax seed enters the mill at room temperature, stays at room temp while it is milled, and comes out of the process and is packaged and stored at room temp away from any heat or light source.

  • This proprietary milling process keeps all the nutrients intact and provides a way to make our lives better and easier!

  • This very unique method provides you with the absolute best quality of Cold Milled Flax.

  • We like to compare Cold Milled Flax to Cold Pressed Olive Oil, because for both of these, Cold processing is essential to protect the fragile Omega 3 oils!

Background of Ground Flax:

Flax seeds need to be ground in order to get the benefits, and for a long time there was no way to grind the flax except through methods that would heat the seed up when it was being ground.

Fragile Omega 3 Oil:

Flax seed is high in Omega 3 oil, which is very fragile (because it is highly unsaturated) and this oil will start to denature and break down when it is exposed to heat.

Flax exposed to heat will start to go rancid and lose the health benefits.

How Should Flax Taste?

If you ever smell or taste flax that smells like turpentine or just doesn't taste good, then it is likely rancid.

Read more about the quality of flax seed here.

Flax should have a light nutty taste that you barley notice.

You can compare the fragile oils of flax to the fragile olive oil- you don't want them exposed to heat. This is the reason that you should also buy cold-pressed olive oil!

Shouldn't You Grind Your Own Flax?

We used to tell everyone to grind their own flax seed and eat it that day or put it in the fridge; this was because the only kind of ground flax we used to have had been heated when it was ground (milled). Even grinding it in a coffee grinder or blender can heat the seed enough to start breaking down the fragile oils.

However, this is NOT the case now that we have Cold Milled Flax seed!

What Makes True Cold Milled Flax Unique?

flax seed mealA method invented by the farmer that never exposes the flax seed to any heat. This proprietary milling process does not crush, grind or separate the Flax oil from the seed -basically the seed is the same stuff just in different forms! This makes True Cold Milled Flax unique and the best quality for you!

Therefore, just like cold-pressed Olive Oil, the flax will not go rancid and you can leave the True Cold Milled Flakes sitting on your shelf easy to use every day! Just keep it out of direct sunlight and heat sources.

Cold Milled Flax is the easiest and most convenient way to eat flax seed. True Cold Milled Flakes o' Gold makes it a perfect way to add MANY health benefits to your busy days and stay on track for healthy eating, disease prevention and great health maintenance!
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"Even at the full price the Cold Milled Flax is still cheaper than Metamucil or other fiber supplements that run about $12 for only 15 ounces! That's a great deal!"

"Ellie, Thanks for your email. Just a short testament: Have been trying for years to get my cholesterol numbers to be on the healthy side. Got your flax at the farmers market this past summer and took your advice on consuming it. Had a blood test 2 weeks ago and my Cholesterol number is at 181, down from 262. Healthy eating and exercise: definitely the way to go. Thanks again."
-- Peter W.

"I have several health problems: Type 2 Diabetes + Constipation being my top complaints. When I was introduced to Golden Flax seed, I was drinking fiber daily + lived on Senna. I no longer have to buy Senna or fiber."

"My hot flashes were so bad and I had up to 3 or 4 times in the night. My sleep was interrupted, not to mention the embarrassment of breaking out in a sweat and a red face during conversations.... Oh boy, I have not had a hot flash for about 3 weeks."

"The best thing that happened is that it has really helped stabilize my blood sugar. When blood sugar is stable without a lot of peaks + valleys, it's easier to lose weight + I'm game for that."
-- Thanks, Sherrie

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