Taste differences between golden, brown and organic flaxseed?

Hello Ellie,
I have a question regarding flaxseed. What are the taste differences between golden brown and organic flaxseed? Is Organic Flax is better? What other types of flaxseed are there?

I have tried several types and am not sure which one I liked the best. I recently tried golden flaxseed but it had too much of a nutty flavor for me.

Previously I had some other flaxseed that was quite mild in flavor...just not sure which one that was.

I am interested in purchasing flax seed but not sure which one to get.

Thank You, Cecil
Taste differences between golden brown organic flaxseed, golden vs brown flax seed**********
Thanks for your important questions Cecil.
Yes, there definitely are different qualities of flax and also different kinds of flax seed (just like there are different kinds of tomatoes)!

Different Kinds of Flax

There is a lot of information out there that says there are no differences in taste or nutrition make up of golden or brown flax seed –HOWEVER, that depends on which kind of golden flax seed is being tested! There are important differences between various flax seeds and there are definitely taste differences between golden brown and organic flaxseed.

Gourmet High Omega 3 Flax

Our flax is a gourmet specialty flax and there is only 10% of the kind of flax we have being grown in the world and it is the “High Content Omega 3 Oil Flax seed” -each of the seeds contain 50%-60% omega 3 oil –meaning that you are getting more value and quality for your money.

Our flax is grown by a family farmer in North Dakota, they do not use herbicides, pesticides or chemicals.

Strong flavor vs mild flavor of flax

I know what you mean by “too much of a nutty flavor”. A lot of flax does have a strong nutty flavor. We have many people who tell us that our flax has a very mild nutty taste and most people say they cannot even taste it.

Flax that has a strong flavor may simply be stored too long or starting to go rancid. Flax is a food and can rot too! Flax seed should always taste good, smell good and not have a bitter after taste.

Here is more information on the taste differences between golden brown and organic flaxseed

Cold Milled Flax

If you are wondering about ground flax, you want to be sure to only buy cold milled flax. Flax should not be exposed to heat in the grinding process, because otherwise the Omega 3 oil will start to break down and can go rancid. You wouldn’t eat rotting apples or rotting food, don’t eat rotting flax.

Quality of Flaxseed Issues

There is a lot of flax that is now coming from other countries: like China and South American countries, which is fine, as long as standards and quality is maintained. In other countries, standards are very different and flax is oftentimes grown with tons of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals.

Unfortunately, flax quality can be dramatically affected if it is exposed to heat during storage or shipping.

I am also concerned that if flax is not processed with high standards, then flax could easily be exposed to other contaminants much like the melamine scare we had a couple years ago in dog food and China had in baby milk. Knowing taste differences between golden brown and organic flaxseed, will help you be able to choose the best flax for your health!

Organic Flax

Our flax is is grown by a family farmer in North Dakota. Our flax is pesticide free, herbicide free and chemical free. Our flax is Not Genetically modified and it is gluten free -there are no contaminates!

Flax seed is all the family farmer grows, processes and packages - You don't have to worry about what else might be processed there!

Knowing where your food comes from, how it is grown, supporting small farmers and local business are essential for getting the best nutrition and value!

Know Your Source -Buy Local!

We are advocates for buying your food as local as you can, know your source. Does the label say “packaged by”, “distributed by”, etc or does it tell you where it was GROWN?

Not only will you get better quality nutrition, but you are getting your food fresher and you are helping ensure that we keep local, small farmers in business.

Get the Nutrition You Deserve

If you are going to pay for food, you should also get the nutrition you pay for. Look for local, farmer grown foods. Ask questions like, ‘where is this grown?’ ‘where does this come from’.

By eating foods with higher nutrition, you save money by preventing sickness and maintaining your body’s highest health and thus helping decrease preventable health care costs. It is very important to know the taste differences between golden brown and organic flaxseed!

Here's to your health!
P.S. Here is more excellent info on the Taste differences between golden brown and organic flaxseed.

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My taste test experiment
by: Anonymous

I have done my own taste test experiment on types of flaxseed and I agree with you. I always support local if I can -thanks for providing such quality flax.

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