Canine Health Problems

Many dogs suffer from various canine health problems. These can be terrible time for the pet and his owner. Preventing health problems is not always possible; however, your dog will always thank you for giving her a nutritious diet!

It is so important to be sure they are getting a healthy, well-balanced diet. Omega 3 is severely lacking in many pet foods and an excellent, economical way to get more Omega 3 into your pet's diet is through flax seed. Your dog may benefit from the healing benefits of Flax seed's omega 3, lignans + other nutrients.

Here are some canine health problems that may benefit from Flaxseed's Omega 3 fatty acids, Lignans + Nutrients:

Dull, Dry Skin + Hair

Many dogs are not getting enough Omega 3 in pet food and the lack of Omega 3 fatty acids directly affects your pet's skin and hair. Dogs cannot synthesize Omega 3 from anything else, they (just like us) MUST get it from the food they eat –that is why it is called ESSENTIAL fatty acids (or also called essential Omega 3 oils).

If your pet has a dull, dry coat; scratches himself frequently; has hair loss or thinning; and/or has dry skin, his diet may be deficient in Omega 3. Many pet owners have experienced reversal of these symptoms after adding ground flax seed to your pet's diet.


Allergies or allergy-like symptoms, such as eczema or itching, may be due to your dog having a weakened immune system. If an immune system has been weakened, the body does not have its normal resistance.

Flax seed's Omega 3 and Lignans can help heal your pet and build their immune system stronger helping to minimize or eliminate allergic symptoms.

Inflammatory diseases

Our pets can experience Inflammation through sprains, poor nutrition, or getting old. It is important to be sure they are getting adequate Omega 3 in their food as well as lignans which have been studied and shown to help decrease inflammation and help the body heal!

Omega 3 fatty acids and Lignans are effective in helping reduce arthritic inflammation, inflammatory bowel disease, among other inflammatory diseases.

Kidney Failure

Flax seed Omega 3 fatty oils and Lignan benefits include helping slow and fight kidney disease through its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Prevention is always the goal, but if your pet is experiencing kidney dysfunction, failure, or disease, it is important to be sure that their diet is well-balanced + has enough Omega 3 fatty acids.

Yeast Infections

Dogs can get common re-occurring yeast infections on their ears and skin. Omega 3 fatty oils have helped to slow down growth of certain yeast.

In addition to seeing your vet, try adding Flaxseed with it's powerful Omega 3, Lignans and other nutrients to your dog's food and help give your pet a well-balanced diet!

Triglycerides and Cholesterol

Flax seed Omega 3 fatty acids can help decrease triglycerides and cholesterol in yours and your pet's blood. If your pet is not having a bowel movement daily and constipated frequently, then their body is re-absorbing cholesterol back into the blood. Doggies needs to be regular for the health of it!

Dogs with other health problems such as kidney disease, cancer, heart disease or dogs that are receiving various types of medications + therapies can cause hyperlipidemia and/or constipation. Flax seed may be just what your pet needs!

Digestive Disorders

Other canine health problems are the many kinds of digestive problems a dog can get from exposure to toxins, chemicals, and preservatives in processed food. Ground flax seed can help to heal and protect your pet's digestive system while also preventing constipation (constipation can cause elevated cholesterol).

Flax has both soluble + insoluble fiber.
A type of Soluble Fiber is MUCILAGE, which is what makes flax become gelatinous if left sitting in liquid and is essential for helping to cleanse and heal the colon with its medicinal properties. Be sure your pet is getting enough added water when you add extra fiber to their diet!


Excellent research has been done showing that the Omega 3 and Lignans in Flaxseed help prevent and slow growth of cancerous tumors. It is exciting to wonder if we can heal our bodies and our pets bodies through what we eat rather than radiation + chemo!!

Prevention is the most important thing and a well-balanced diet is essential! Throw some flax on your food and your doggie's food and you will both be eating healthier!

Heart Disease

Another huge area of canine health problems is heart disease and cardiovascular problems.In the same way that Omega 3 fatty acids help protect our blood vessels and help prevent and improve high blood pressure, abnormal + irregular heart rhythms, and cardiovascular (heart) problems, Omega 3 oils also help our pets!

Adding flax to their well-balanced diet can help provide healing Omega 3 oils that they aren't getting from their pet food! Your dog will also benefit from the Lignans, protein, vitamins + minerals in flax seed.

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As with all of our information, tips, viewpoints, advice, and experiences, we are sharing with you ideas that may help you with your canine health problems! Our Disclaimer is here ~it's for both Pets + their Owners!

However, for Professional Veterinarian care, you should always take your pet to Your Vet for expert and professional care for all canine health problems! Thank you for reading and Please let us know Your Thoughts and Your Advice!
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