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~~ Flax Fiber ~~
We hear that we need enough fiber in our diets, but WHY?

-The Short Answer: Fiber is essential for moving out waste + everything the body doesn't want, including cholesterol + toxins.

Many Benefits of Flax Fiber include:

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol
  • Protects against colon, breast + prostate cancer
  • Helps to control + maintain blood sugar levels
  • Helps you feel full limiting binge eating and helps to achieve healthy weight
  • Click to See more Benefits -soluble + insoluble

Golden Flax seed is a high fiber food + arguably one of the best for the healing + cleansing benefits of the digestive system!

There are ~8 grams of fiber -soluble + insoluble in 2 Tbls of Golden Flax Seed!

What is Fiber?

Fiber is found in our diets through whole grains-including Golden Flax seed, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans + peas (legumes). Dietary fiber is part of the plant that doesn't break down during digestion; fiber is the moving force to keep the digested food, water, + waste moving through the intestines.

Flax Fiber is composed of Soluble + Insoluble Fiber, which work together in different ways to move waste through the colon while cleansing + protecting the digestive system.

The SOLUBLE + INSOLUBLE fiber in Golden Flax seed helps pull toxins + cholesterol, while healing the gut.

Benefits of Soluble Fiber:

  • Reduce heart disease risk
  • Regulate blood sugars through the fiber and Omega-3 essential fatty acids
  • Promote growth of friendly flora
  • Soothe irritable bowel
  • Lower total cholesterol + the BAD cholesterol- LDL, + has been shown to help reduce risk of heart disease
  • Help people with Diabetes control their blood sugars better

~One kind of Soluble Fiber is Flax Mucilage, which is what makes flax become gelatinous if left sitting in liquid, and is essential for helping to cleanse and heal the colon with its medicinal emollient and demulcent properties.

~Help make bowel elimination easier by reducing irritation on the gut + bulking up stools with gelatinous mucilage.

Benefits of Insoluble Fiber:

  • Prevent + Relieve Constipation + diarrhea
  • Cleanse, Soothe + Heal the colon
  • Promotes regular bowel movements
  • Keeps toxins, cholesterol + waste moving out of the colon
  • Help to balance the acidity of the intestines
  • Help to prevent colon cancer by maintaining
  • Help promote optimal pH in colon which can prevent colon cancer
~ The insoluble fiber in flax exercises the bowel muscles as it helps broom out debris from the colon and provides bulk for the formation of feces.

~ Also, this special dietary fiber in flax gently cleans excess mucus and other debris from the small intestine, improving absorption.

Overall Fiber Benefits:

  • Prevent hemorrhoids + diverticulosis
  • Prevent colon + breast cancer
  • Prevent chronic disease like Heart Disease + Diabetes
  • Help you live a Healthier life!

Read more about how Fiber works and fiber soluble insoluble

How Much Fiber?

Healthy adults should eat 25-35 grams of Fiber every day.

The American Dietetic Association estimates that Most people in the US only eat ~11 grams of fiber a day. No wonder there is an increase in preventable disease! We NEED our fiber!

Here are Tips on adding more Flax Fiberto Your Diet

Learn more about flax mucilage-a type of Soluble Fiber + its Importance for healing + protecting the colon

The importance of Flax Fiber in Our Diet

What is the difference of dietary fiber + fiber?

  • Fiber refers to all fiber, while dietary fiber refers to fiber we eat.
  • When we talk about fiber, we are meaning fiber we eat, so for our discussions, fiber and dietary fiber are essentially interchangeable.

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"Even at the full price the Cold Milled Flax is still cheaper than Metamucil or other fiber supplements that run about $12 for only 15 ounces! That's a great deal!"

"Ellie, Thanks for your email. Just a short testament: Have been trying for years to get my cholesterol numbers to be on the healthy side. Got your flax at the farmers market this past summer and took your advice on consuming it. Had a blood test 2 weeks ago and my Cholesterol number is at 181, down from 262. Healthy eating and exercise: definitely the way to go. Thanks again."
-- Peter W.

"I have several health problems: Type 2 Diabetes + Constipation being my top complaints. When I was introduced to Golden Flax seed, I was drinking fiber daily + lived on Senna. I no longer have to buy Senna or fiber."

"My hot flashes were so bad and I had up to 3 or 4 times in the night. My sleep was interrupted, not to mention the embarrassment of breaking out in a sweat and a red face during conversations.... Oh boy, I have not had a hot flash for about 3 weeks."

"The best thing that happened is that it has really helped stabilize my blood sugar. When blood sugar is stable without a lot of peaks + valleys, it's easier to lose weight + I'm game for that."
-- Thanks, Sherrie

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