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I have tried to mix flax (ground flax) with Cranberry juice and with water, but want to try other ways to use it. I did grind it up very well, but it seems to be necessary to keep stirring it constantly to keep the flax from settling on the bottom of the glass.

My questions are:
1. Is it typical to need to stir flax while drinking it or did I do something wrong?
2. Should flax always be ground up,
3. Can you mix flax in other juices, and
mix flax 4. Can I add flax to other foods (possibly to cereal or yogurt)?

I would appreciate any help you can give me, as I would like to begin a regimen of daily usage.
Thank you. Betty O.

P.S. I and a friend heard about all the benefits of flax to a person's health when we stopped at your flax booth and became very interested in trying flax.


Thanks for your great questions Betty!

1. Is it typical to need to mix flax while drinking it?
Yes, this is very typical.
Flax, like all whole grains, does thicken when added to any liquid; it is because ground flax has both soluble and insoluble fiber as well as mucilage fiber in it. You are doing the right thing by stirring it as you drink and drinking it as soon as you can.

The longer the ground flax sit in a liquid the thicker it gets. Read more about how to drink flax here. And don't forget to drink water/liquids after you have eaten flax!

2. Should flax always be ground up?
Yes, whole flax seed should always be ground up before using. Grind 2-3 Tablespoons of whole flax seeds and keep reading for other recommendation in how to eat your milled flax. Instead of grinding, you can use Cold Milled flax seed.

I will answer both 3 + 4 together: 3. Can you mix flax in other juices and
4. Can I add flax to other foods (possibly to cereal or yogurt)?

Yes and yes! :)
My husband adds his flax to water in a glass and drinks it right away. (Do not let it sit, otherwise the flax will thicken up.) I eat my flax each morning as a cereal. I grind it up and add some barley, put it in a bowl with some water and eat it with a spoon. My husband and I both use only water, because we like the nutty flavor of the flax.

However, my kids and other people prefer it with various types of juice (any kind of juice that you are in the mood for) or mix flax to food in these other ways. You can put it on yogurt, cereal, toast, salads, smoothies, etc. The cranberry juice or any kind of juice would be good as well. Read more about ways to eat flax here.

It is so true! The health benefits of flax seed (a whole grain) are making a big difference in many people's lives! I hear from people every day who have benefited from flax and that is exciting!

Here's to your health!

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Thanks for the tips
by: Anonymous

Thanks for these tips. I like my flaxseed in yogurt, but I want to try some of these ideas, especially on salads- that sounds really good. -Kay

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